How To Make A Penalty Shootout (Kick) Game In Unity3D

I was searching the Internet for a tutorial on How To Make a Football/Soccer Penalty Kick/ Shootout game. Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't find even one, so I thought I would make one for people who were/are in the quest of making a Penalty Shootout game.

For this tutorial series, as in the previous one which was on How to make a game like Temple Run/Subway Surfers, we will be using the Unity3d Game Engine.

Android is the platform that we have opted for as of now, however, it shouldn't be hard to port it to iOS/Windows.

Make sure you have downloaded the Unity Remote software to test the game in your device and also getting rid of the pain of installing the .apk file to your device.

So let's shoot it out then.

Stick Flick Penalty Kick Game 1: The Football Ground
Stick Flick Penalty Kick Game 2: Let's Shoot The Football
Stick Flick Penalty Kick Game 3: Add GoalLine Technology 
Stick Flick Penalty Kick Game 4: Goalkeeper Movement
Stick Flick Penalty Kick Game 5: Who Is The Winner?