Read Properties File In Spring Java

Read Property file in Spring - JAVA

This is a very quick post on how to read properties file in java using the Spring framework. Follow the below mentioned simple steps to achieve reading a property file using Spring:

1. Place the property file in src/main/resources folder.
2. Add the context:property-placeholder tag in your servlet.xml file

<context:property-placeholder location="," />

NOTE: use comma to register multiple properties file (as in above mentioned line of xml)

3. Now, use the annotation @Value(propertyName) in your java class to fetch the property
For instance,

@Value( "${}" )
    private static String fileName1;

The above lines of code will fetch the value of into static variable fileName1.

NOTE: Spring does not process static members. The member has to be an instance field.

This is it. You now know how to read properties file in java using Spring.

See you around.
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