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There is this puzzle called Who Dies? Puzzle? which has been quite a hit these days as it has been / is being shared widely in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp for that matter.

Who Dies Puzzle
Who Dies Puzzle

The solution to the puzzle is whole kind of tricky and it involves whole lot of assumptions and considerations. I see there are many 'so called' solutions on the internet, but I didn't find any of them realistic. It seems they have just animated the image without any considerations.
So here is our try to solve this puzzle using Unity Game Engine. We are sure you will have something to say. So why not? Comment your solutions / appreciations / and what not...

See you around.

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Sujit Horakeri is a game freak just like any other next door guy you would come across. He is a Web Developer by Profession, Game Developer by Choice.


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    1. The question should have been who doesn't die.. Good simulation though....

    2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/WHO-DIES-Puzzle/819219908141158

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  3. Thanks for Share app in text, since i'm beginner in unity it helped me a lot.
    thank you for your support

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  7. the answer is D and it is so easy puzzle. it is just a math, perimeter of the circle and Hypotenuse of the Triangle.
    the perimeter of circle is 2pr = 6.28
    the Hypotenuse is 3^2+3.5^2=21.25 ==> Hypotenuse =4.61
    now 6.28/4= 1.57
    4.61/1.57=2.90 near the 3. the holl in the stone is in second pieces. so D will be die.

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